Weed legalization in Canada

The minimum age for taking this bill is set as 18 but however just with the alcohol, territories and the individual provinces have set the higher age for taking this bill. The Canadian psychiatric and the Canadian medical associations have together recommended that the legal age for taking this bill will be 21 or above because the use of the bill by legal age people will not exhibit any harm and when it is used by the lower age people it cause the harm in the development of brain. The people are strictly recommended to use only 30 grams of the dried marijuana for getting the better results and the over dose will be resulting in the serious harm to their body health. This bill also permits the people to cultivate on their own weed and there is a limit on the residence.

Much like the sale of the liquor it will be up to the each jurisdiction to figure out how to sell the stuff where some of the provinces may choose to sell the weed only through the government owned businesses while the others may be embracing the private sellers. It is very unclear that at the instant how the bill will have an effect on the plenty of the illegal medical stores that have increased around Canada in the anticipation of the weed legalization. The government also wish to grant the police more freedom to do the on road call girls investigation for alcohol and many other drugs usage in which the bill also prohibits marketing the youth and depending on the regulations the weed could become a mandated one for the human use. The use of the weed provides many benefits in the medical field and when it is over dose it will not make any harm to the health of the human body.