Fun and Free in Amsterdam

What European city is most famous for legal marijuana and prostitutes? You guessed it – Amsterdam. Although many would believe these reasons as being someone’s favorite city; for me, it is not. Although I agree with legal marijuana and regulated prostitution, though I do not fancy them, there is so much more to Amsterdam.

A tourist can sight see down Amsterdam’s canals and see numerous breathtaking views of the landscapes and windmills. One can even have a free boat ride, which is approximately five minutes, but who can complain. Almost all roller coasters are shorter than five minutes, not to mention the wait in line. There are 2 fairies you can choose from, but one does stay open twenty-four hours. I wouldn’t suggest doing this without a camera.

Amsterdam also has some of the most amazing soccer fields I have ever seen and played on. Anyone can go to these fields and watch soccer games of all ages almost any time of the day before dark. It is not uncommon to see famous Holland international players at any of these fields. The only time you have to pay for a game is when you watch one from the main stadium. To get to the fields, you must take a bus or trolley. Watching a Dutch soccer game is a mesmerizing and rewarding experience.

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A short ride from Amsterdam, there are many beaches along the coast of the North Sea. Amazingly, a person can get a sun tan and freeze at any beach. There are many people who swim in these freezing waters. I managed to make it to where the water was up to my knees, then I had to turn around. My legs felt like ice. Once out of the water, getting dry was quick as the sun does heat up the sand in June.

Even people watching can be fun around the town’s center. There are many outside areas of hotels, bars, and other venues where people sit and talk and listen to music. People are very sociable there. Around the city’s center are also many famous buildings that can be photographed, the most famous being where Anne Frank lived. I must admit if you are walking around Amsterdam, curiosity will take you to the Red Light District where all the prostitutes are. I was impressed on how clean and pretty some of these women were. They were not drug addicts all skin and bone like you would see on the streets in America.

There are actually many free things to do in Amsterdam. I didn’t even mention eye catching architecture, art galleries, and lunch concerts. I have been to many European cities, and as far as free things to do, Amsterdam is number one.