The Case for the Legalization of Marijuana


The priorities and methods of this great nation have seem to run askew. We elect legislators to make more laws.

How many do we need? If this great experiment in democracy continues on it’s present path, it is conceivable that by 2050, it will be unlawful to exit your home after 6pm without a government, “Seeking entertainment pass”, or a “Work pass”. Jails and camps will abound.

Hell, if we wanted this, we should have just let Hitler, have it all in 1939. We could all enjoy , “security” as a satellite of greater Germania.

It really is true, that those who sacrifice liberty for security, DESERVE NEITHER!
The Marijuana issue, is just a microcosm, indicative of a greater problem. Marijuana has been around a long long time.

it is the most benign, of all the currently illegal drugs. Perhaps even less harmful, than some legal ones. (ie) Tobacco,alcohol and countless others, available by prescription. So why all the fuss? How many of you reading this, know someone who tried it?, arrested for having it?

vote for legalized marijuana

Maybe you even tried it. If your a Doctor or lawyer or perhaps another professional, would you have a problem, having that on your record? Maybe, maybe not?

The point is, that it’s a needless prosecution. Most people that have tried it, grow out of it. They grow up.

Then theirs the group who for medical reasons, find it truly beneficial. You know, like increasing appetite after “chemo”. Maybe you just like to relax and smoke a joint while listening to, The Beatles White album or perhaps some Beethoven. The hypocritical prosecutors have tried it. ( college is a wonderful time)
Presidents now admit it. Oh, the hypocrisy that runs rampant.

How many times have you read in the paper, “He smoked Marijuana and then killed his family”? or “He smoked marijuana and then beat his wife”? No, these are most likely alcohol fueled incidents. Marijuana’s primary properties are a preponderance to docility, introspection and thought.

You would think the government would prefer these qualities in the general populace. So why is it policy, to outlaw and jail people? If not to
protect us from ourselves, then what is it? As usual, the common denominator is money. Money and control. It’s certainly less harmful than the legal alcohol.

If the criminal justice system, could not prosecute Marijuana possession, and sales, it would be a blow to the solar plexus, because it indeed, is the gateway to the criminal justice system. A system that once its hooks are in, are extremely difficult to remove. Through probation, comesprobation violation. Look at the statistics. What gets you in jail? A missed curfew, laid off?, a missed appt?.

weed benefits

It doesn’t matter, few people on probation,make it through unhindered. This is especially true of our adolescents. Why do we want to make criminals out of our youth, that for the most part, are just in reality, enjoying, the folly of youth. A passing phase.

Marijuana needs to be taxed and sold in much the same manner alcohol is. Doing so (a) Would take money out of the hands of the criminal justice system (b) take money out of the hands of some truly bad people that use marijuana as a gateway to real problems, (c) the revenue generated by taxing this, is to say the least, astronomical. This is a win -win situation.

The end result? An America that deals in reality.