how to pass a Drug Test

There are many steps that you should follow in order to pass a marijuana drug test.

The steps you should follow all depend on which drug test your employer decides to administer, although – they may not tell you which drug test they plan to use. In this case; it is best to use a combination of all methods to try and make sure that you pass the drug test. After all, you don’t want to lose your job!

How to pass a urine test

For the urine test, you will want to stop any use of the recreational drug, marijuana, for at least a week before the drug test if possible. This stops any additional THC from affecting the results.

In terms of the products you should use: Toxin Rid for around 10 days should make a huge difference, however, if you don’t have 10 days, it is still worth using for as long as you can leading up to the drug test. This is because regardless of how long you use it, it will still work – it just performs much better if you use it for longer.

You should also modify your lifestyle slightly in order to pass the urine test.

Diet: You should avoid greasy takeaways and any unhealthy junk food, such as burgers – these slow down the metabolism, and therefore make it harder to get rid of THC from the body. You should eat green vegetables and lean meat while drinking a large quantity of water. This ensures that your body has plenty of nutrients in order to rid of THC.

Exercise: It doesn’t really matter what exercise you do; as long as you sweat a lot. By sweating a lot, this is another pathway that toxins can exit your body other than urination. Make sure you exercise every day for a week leading up to the test. If you don’t sweat much during this exercise, then it’s not worth it. You have to put in maximum effort, or there are no benefits.

However, for the urination test – you could always try synthetic urine, however, this is risky if you do get caught; but for the heaviest smokers of us, it may be your only resort in order to keep your job.

If you don’t want to fully detox your system, just pass the drug test in 24 hours, then I suggest synthetic urine or detox drinks for a drug test.  Detox drinks are a great way to pass a urine test even if you are a heavy smoker, my go-to detox drink for drug test is called Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex. This detox drink is designed for very heavy smoker, even if you are a chronic smoker, you will pass the test. I don’t want to go into details about how to use Ultra Eliminex and where to buy, if you would like to learn more about it, visit this detox product review blog.

detox drinks for weed

The second best detox drink you can get is Rescue Cleanse 32Oz, it’s also designed for a heavy smokers, but if you smoke regularly I would go with Ultra Eliminex even if its more expensive. The instructions are basically the same for all of these detox drinks. If the test is unsupervised I wouldn’t bother with detox drinks as synthetic urine is safer.

Yes,you have heard it right, synthetic urine is the abslute best and safest way to pass a urine drug test. Make sure you do your own research, buy the best quality brand you can get and learn how to keep it warm. If these boxes are ticked, there is no way to pass your test. The best fake urine brands are: Quick Luck, Sub Solution and QUick Fix 6.2. Quick Luck is superior, it comes with over 15 different chemicals that are  normal found in human pee, its premixed and it comes with heating pad and heat activator powder as well.

How to pass a hair follicle test

For the hair drug test, it can be harder to pass due to the fact it all occurs in full view, so you can’t use somebody else’s hair, unfortunately! However, luckily for you – we have a killer method that is almost guaranteed to work!

A great product, named Aloe Rid Shampoo, is a great choice. It is expensive, but if you wash your hair daily with this shampoo for around 10 days leading up to the drug test, you will most likely pass.

If you are still worried, use UltraClean shampoo as well! By washing your hair daily with these shampoos, the chemicals within the shampoos will remove all traces of any toxins – meaning that you will pass the hair follicle test. This doesn’t just apply for marijuana either, many popular drugs can be removed from the hair using these shampoos. Use this detox shampoos as a part of the Macujo method!

Saliva Test

The saliva test is incredibly easy to pass, luckily for you! However, because of this – employers rarely use the saliva test.
Regardless, to pass the saliva test – all you need to do is avoid using marijuana for 2 days before the drug test, and then brush your teeth thoroughly and use strong mouthwash 3 times a day for around 4 days leading up until the drug test.
See? It’s incredibly easy, the majority of that – you will already do! However, good food and exercise don’t hurt! Make sure to drink plenty of water, as this ensures that the toxins have a transport method to get from the mouth, down to the bladder.

Blood Test

Urine & Blood tests are the most common tests that employers use to test for marijuana use, amongst other drugs. This means that they are harder to pass; as naturally, employers want the most reliable results!

To pass the blood test, just follow roughly the same steps as you would for the urine test. This means you need to stop using marijuana for around a week leading up to the test. Use Toxin Rid for a week before, and use same-day detox drinks of the morning of your test. These steps, when combined will almost get you a guaranteed pass! Naturally, these need to be combined with other methods we have discussed. These include a healthy diet with no junk food and plenty of green vegetables, along with plenty of water as this provides transport for the toxins to the bladder.